How to Book LPG Gas Cylinder Online or Through SMS – Easy Steps

How to Book LPG Gas Cylinder Online or Through SMS

How to Book LPG cylinder:

Now, good news for everyone, GLP cylinder book through the online application can be done by steps, just like all people know in a busy schedule. A body has more time to be in the reserve tail of the cylinder. Work and waste of time, this is good news for everyone and is fully benefited from the interactive voice response. This is an easier process with the start of the telephone reservation system.

This system is known as automatic reserve recharge through IVRS. Customers can reserve refills and obtain a confirmation in less time and without problems, limited working hours, manual errors, faulty lines and others, this is a good method of booking a gas cylinder GG G that saves time and provides a Cylinder per hour.

Interactive voice response booking method:

  • Booking through SMS – Mobile phone
  • Booking through Phone- either by Mobile phone or land line phone

Distributor number:

Indane 87260 24365
H.P. 98896 23456
Bharat 94524 56789


Registration process:

  • Customer needs to register your number on the first time.
  • Then after the first time, you can directly book your Cylinder.
  • Type on your Mobile IOC <space>0522 phone number of Gas Distributor <space> Consumer Number and send it to 8726024365
  • You will get confirmation through reply SMS.

Booking by mobile phone:

  • You can make this call using your phone line or mobile phone for booking
  • Dial 87260 24365 by your mobile phone or mobile phone.
  • Choose your language
  • Enter the landline number with your Code
  • Listen to your dealer name and validate.
  • Enter your client number.
  • Confirm the number of consumers
  • Choose the right options: Replacement reserve / complaint / last reserve survey / personal parameters
  • When booking the reservation choose the option, you will hear the confirmation with the reference number.
  • If you book via a mobile phone you get the booking reference by SMS

BOOKING through SMS: 

  • After registration, you can simply book by SMS:
  • Type of COI and send it in 8726024365
  • You will receive a confirmation by SMS on your Mobile.
  • You can call the IVRS number 8726024365 for reservation/delivery details. You must press 3 to request the last reservation.
  • In the future, reserve the gas simply type the IOC and send it to 87260 24365

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